2020 Business Advisory BAM : Management

Date Added | September 17, 2018

2020 Business Advisory BAM: Identifying Key Management Systems for Clients

2020 have written the Business Advisory Manual (B.A.M)  which contains the guidance, training and tools, to position your firm as a business adviser and the resources to make this happen.

The Management section of the B.A.M  helps you advise on business processes, i.e. the way the business develops new  products, the way they fulfil orders and deal with customers and employees.

We show you how to:

  • Identify the key systems and start the process of standardising the way the business works
  • Write a management plan with target results
  • Create a detailed organisation chart with key employee objectives
  • Set an action plan and monitor progress

B.A.M is supported by the Business Adviser Hub, a dedicated resources centre containing the training, marketing resources, engagement letters, checklists, guidance notes and calculators to help you become more confident in promoting and delivering advisory services.

These resources are exclusive to 2020 members and are designed to keep you ahead of the competition.

See more at: https://www.the2020group.com/advisory/