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Date Added | May 13, 2019

Your website should make an immediate impact when someone views it. It should promote forward looking and value added services such as business planning, finance, wealth management and tax planning.

Your website is an important tool for prospects choosing an accountant or supplier, and for reminding existing clients that you are a modern and progressive firm.

2020 Software can develop a website to suit your needs and help you position your firm offering a business advice and compliance services., demonstrating you are a progressive forward thinking firm.

Our website is exclusive to members and therefore different from your competitors.

What 2020 Software Builds

How we work
The 2020 software web apps are comprised of two parts—the front end and the back end—that are constantly working together to perform all necessary actions and deliver all desired results.

Web Apps
Web applications are usually coded in browser supported language such as Javascript and HTML as these languages rely on the browser to render the program executable.
Some of the applications are dynamic, requiring server-side processing. Others are completely static with no processing required at the server.

Mobile Apps
A mobile app is software application developed specifically for use on small wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers.

Capture accurate information,make better decisions

QTools is an online collection of interactive surveys, forms, checklists and questionnaires designed to gather information from your clients quickly and easily.


QT is an online collection of surveys, forms, checklist and questionnaires, many of them interactive, designed for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Annual Certifications
  • Data Collection
  • Feedback Forms
  • Appraisal Forms
  • Quality control and Compliance

Discover more about QTools here

Business Planning Tools

A selection of tools are available to aid your business and personal  financial planning. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the results in more detail:

  • Breakeven Analysis – Services
  • Breakeven Analysis – Retail
  • Cash Flow Forecasting and Budgeting
  • One Page Business Analysis
  • Pension Planner
  • Simple Company Valuation – One Page

More information contact visit;