Regional Members Meeting 2019

Regional member meetings are designed to canvas your opinions, thoughts, concerns and issues, the idea is to share these with other firms, listen to their views, and learn.  

Feedback from the programme has been outstanding, with over 94% rating the meeting as ‘excellent’. Those attending will receive updates on what successful firms are doing.

To book your place on one of the 2019 dates, click the relevant link below to email Chris Doel and specify which date/location you wish to attend.  Please include your full name and company details in your email.  

Full confirmation details, including timings and venue details, will be emailed to you in due course.

14 May 2019 London North 14.00-17.00 Book London North
14 May 2019 Belfast 14.00-17.00 Book Belfast
15 May 2019 London South 14.00-17.00 Book London South
15 May 2019 Dublin 14.00-17.00 Book Dublin
16 May 2019 Bristol 14.00-17.00 Book Bristol
16 May 2019 Cork 14.00-17.00 Book Cork
11th Jun 2019 Plymouth 14.00-17.00 Book Plymouth
12th Jun 2019 Exeter 14.00-17.00 Book Exeter
18th Jun 2019 Cheltenham 14.00-17.00 Book Cheltenham
18th Jun 2019 Nottingham 14.00-17.00 Book Nottingham
19th Jun 2019 Southampton 14.00-17.00 Book Southampton
19th Jun 2019 Hull 14.00-17.00 Book Hull
11 Sep 2019 Aberdeen 14.00-17.00 Book Aberdeen
18 Sep 2019 London 14.00-17.00 Book London
25 Sep 2019 Wolverhampton 14.00-17.00 Book Wolverhampton
26 Sep 2019 London Central 14.00-17.00 Book London Central
1 Oct 2019 Birmingham 14.00-17.00 Book Birmingham
2 Oct 2019 Swansea 14.00-17.00 Book Swansea
2 Oct 2019 Leeds 14.00-17.00 Book Leeds
3 Oct 2019 Sheffield 14.00-17.00 Book Sheffield
3 Oct 2019 Cardiff 14.00-17.00 Book Cardiff
4 Nov 2019 Glasgow 14.00-17.00 Book Glasgow
5 Nov 2019 Edinburgh 10.00-13.00 Book Edinburgh
5 Nov 2019 Newmarket 14.00-17.00 Book Newmarket
6 Nov 2019 Cambridge 14.00-17.00 Book Cambridge

If you require any assistance please email Chris Doel or call on +44 (0)121 314 1221 between the hours of 9am and 12:30pm.

I would just like to feedback how useful this morning’s webinar was. We have had training on the FRS102 previously but this session was practical and addressed the issue for smaller business – excellent.

Heather O’Driscoll, Waltons Clark Whitehill

The first time I heard Ian and Gordon speak they inspired me to ‘go it alone’ and start my own practice. Five years on from that I find the 2020 tools, referral partners and presentations an invaluable part of my practice. Each time I attend an event hosted by 2020 I always leave with lots of ideas and with my motivation reinvigorated.

Tim Pearce, Focus Accountancy

This was my first visit to a 2020 conference and I found the approach very refreshing with proactivity from both presenters and participants. The range of subjects covered was well thought out and covered the really important things that 21st century firms need to be concentrating on.

Richard Hopes, Alliotts

Forms, Letters and Tools is fantastic value and a great time saver. It has enabled us to standardise procedures throughout the practice so that junior team members can deal with the detailed work allowing the senior members of the team to concentrate on practice development. If we need a form, letter or tool, we do not usually have to look any further than this product.

Bob Swinton, Swinton & Co Chartered Accountants

As far as we were concerned, purchasing Form Letters and Tools was a no brainer. This is such a useful resource that we would not be without it now and it means that whichever member of the team uses it, we are always consistent.

Heather O’Reilly, Jupp Castle

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