Regional/Virtual Members Meeting

Regional member meetings are designed to canvas your opinions, thoughts, concerns and issues, the idea is to share these with other firms, listen to their views, and learn.  

Feedback from the programme has been outstanding, with over 94% rating the meeting as ‘excellent’. Those attending will receive updates on what successful firms are doing.

To book your place on one of the 2020 dates, click the relevant link below to email Chris Doel and specify which date/location you wish to attend.  Please include your full name and company details in your email.  

We can always do better……

Research has clearly shown that, contrary to what most of our education, training and experience to date may have led us to believe, it is not innate ability or talent that brings success: the most important fundamental, underlying everything else, is mindset. The good news is that the key to a developing a productive, success-oriented mindset is to focus on learning.

During a crisis, the need to change can be even more evident than normal, so there may be no better time to practice the skills needed to stimulate learning and growth.  Attend one of the regional/virtual members meeting to learn;

  • The concept of a “learn it all” culture, as opposed to the typical expertise-based culture which is described here as “know it all”.
  • Making a practice of asking people what they’ve learnt.

Full confirmation details, including timings and venue details, will be emailed to you in due course.

30 Sept 2020 15.00-17.00 FULL
01 Oct 2020 11.00-13.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Birmingham)
06 Oct 2020 14.00-16.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Oxford)
06 Oct 2020 15.00-17.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Liverpool)
13 Oct 2020 14.00-16.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Exeter)
13 Oct 2020 15.00-17.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Stoke)
09 Nov 2020 14.00-17.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Glasgow)
10 Nov 2020 10.00-13.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Edinburgh)
17 Nov 2020 14.00-17.00 Book Virtual Meeting (London)
24 Nov 2020 14.00-17.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Bridgend)
25 Nov 2020 14.00-17.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Manchester)
26 Nov 2020 14.00-17.00 Book Virtual Meeting (Leeds)

* AM Meeting

If you require any assistance please email Chris Doel or call on +44 (0)121 314 1221 between the hours of 9am and 12:30pm.

30 items on my “to do” list to improve my business - thank you.

Della Hudson, Hudson Accountants ,  Hudson Accountants

Forms, Letters & Tools is an excellent resource which saves us huge amounts of time and ensures that all our processes are consistent. A must for any busy accountant.

Lars Swann, The Bean Counters

I picked up some ideas that I will take back to my practice and put into action. This happens every year!

Roger Smallman, Roger Smallman and Co Ltd

One of the best one-day conferences I have ever been on… So many good ideas to implement, thank you.

Charles Little, Keens Shay Keens Ltd

These have been well received by prospective clients and projected a professional image of the firm.

Mark Dennis, Hilton Sharp & Clarke

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