2020 Innovation – Tools of the Week

Date Added | April 30, 2019

This week we take a look at some of the most popular Business Advisory tools. Containing over 150 checklists, guides and calculators, Tax Planning, Wealth Management, Marketing and Positioning and Strategic Planning. The advisory hub is a great source of support and training for accountants and tax professionals!

57 Ways to Grow Your Business
– Marketing and positioning your firm

A great guide to help business owners maintain profitability and strengthen their position in the market. The areas covered in this guide include:

  • Applying the latest technology
  • Developing targets, forecasting and targeting
  • Surveying your competitors
  • Building a content management system

All the ideas in this guide ultimately revolve around four basic insights about growing a business. You can:

  1. Increase the number of customers
  2. Increase the number of times each one does business with you
  3. Increase the average value of each transaction
  4. Increase your own effectiveness and efficiency

One Page Business Plan
– Strategic Planning

A written document that describes your business, covering objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts.

The 2020 One Page Business Plan is a valuable tool for new and existing accountancy firms. This one page business plan features strategic behaviors, plan objectives and business objectives.


Retirement Calculator
– Wealth Management

A tool to calculate how much clients need to contribute to their pension between now and their expected retirement date.

The calculators allows you to assess:

  • Years to save
  • Current Value of Funds
  • Required Fund at retirement to provide pension, and more!

Tax Planning System
– Tax Planning

A system designed  to remind you to contact your clients 3 months before the year-end and follow up with  correspondence, such as a letter / email with a call.

Simple Cash flow Forecast
– Corporate Finance

A cash flow forecast template to use on your clients. The forecast template is easily editable and covers the majority of expected costs,

All the available tools are available in the Business Advisory Hub, where you can also download the Business Advisory Manual, created to help 2020 accountancy firms. The aim is to help you keep existing and attract new clients and to provide a structured way of offering business advisory services.