If you wish to be more successful as an accountancy practice, your aim should be to position your firm in the High value sector of the industry. This means you have a wider range of forward looking services than firms offering mainly compliance.

Your website is your brochure and it should make an immediate impact when someone views it. Your website should also differentiate you from your competitors and promote value added services such as business planning, finance, wealth management and tax planning.

When prospects choose an accountant, they may search on the Internet and existing clients need to be reminded you are a modern and progressive firm.

2020 Software can develop a website to suit your needs and help you position your firm offering business advice and compliance services.

Our website service is exclusive to members and is therefore different from your competitors.

Prices start from £1,200 plus VAT for design and £95 plus VAT per month for hosting, maintenance and uploading regular 2020 newsletter content.

What’s included?

  • Custom design – you get the final say on how you want your web site to look and feel;
  • Website build and content – you can upload your own content and we will upload the 2020 tax and general newsletter articles monthly for you;
  • Responsive design – make changes at no extra cost;
  • Ongoing support – we will be here to provide you with help and guidance when you need it.


Contact Shekhar for more information:

2020 Software Ltd – 0800 061 2515



2020 Software website coming soon!

An excellent conference which focused in a very practical and positive way, the current challenges facing the profession.

Paul Jackson, P Jackson Ltd. ,  P Jackson Ltd.

One of the best one-day conferences I have ever been on… So many good ideas to implement, thank you.

Charles Little, Keens Shay Keens Ltd

Gave us some signposts of how we can embrace the future and keep ahead of our competition and improve the ways in which we can deliver our services to our clients and deliver more value.

Melinda Atkinson, Lucentum

You cannot underestimate the benefit this provides for clients. It takes away the awkwardness of having to charge for expertise and your time when the client may be feeling vulnerable. An excellent service all round.

Robert Frith, Frith

As always there were many ideas which I can implement to improve my practice

John Harrison, John Harrison and Co

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