2021 and Beyond – Fortune favours the brave!

Date Added | February 22, 2021

At 2020 we would like to think we offer one of the best support programmes for forward thinking, progressive accounting firms covering C19 Resources, Brexit resources, and the Client Learning Centre, all designed to help support firms’ clients. 2020 also provides practice management, development, technical CPD, along with a plethora of educational webinars, tools, templates, checklists, calculators and accompanying PowerPoint presentations – all designed to support and help accountancy firms achieve their goals and become more successful.

If there is something missing, we always encourage our members to let us know and we will endeavour to fill any gaps.

One issue came through very strongly towards the end of 2020 and remains an issue for many of us:

  • The Baby Boomers are now coming to the Autumn of their career and increasingly we are finding that the time has come to hang up our pencils – some selling their firm to the team and others to external buyers.

    It won’t have escaped your attention that there is a very active market right now, including institutional funds showing great interest in our profession which is positively affecting the price of the larger firms. On the other hand, arguably, too many smaller firms are putting their firms up for sale which may provide you with an opportunity to buy blocks of fees at reduced prices.

    Either way, a changing market normally provides opportunity for those willing to be a little adventurous – fortune favours the brave!

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing “growth through acquisition” and/or your succession plans – 2020 have a sufficient breadth of membership, the skills and the resources that, combined, could provide a pragmatic solution to the individual needs of individual firms.

We hope 2020 continues to give you and your team everything you are looking for and hopefully, you will let us know if there are any gaps.