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Date Added | October 8, 2020

During this webinar, Gordon will be joined by Paul Surtees CEO & Co-founder of Funding changed in 2008. It has changed forever in 2020. Many believe that with over 1.175million SMEs funded with a bounce back loan UK SMEs have the necessary cash flow required to see them through the pandemic.

The average bounce back loan is £29k, less than is required to pay a single director for one year.

Many businesses will fail, most will survive, and a few will thrive, what will be the impact on your portfolio? Paul, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, is passionate about supply and demand and contributes to the BOE, APG, ACCA among others to discuss the effectiveness of market dynamics. 2020 is launching a partnership with for 2020 Finance. In this webinar Paul will share:

Key Topics

  • Glitches in the matrix
  • Funding in the face of a 2nd wave
  • How firms are launching a Capital advisory service.
  • Why education is so important
  • How a “Champion” will ensure a winning mindset
  • What the opportunities are in the face of portfolio threats.

Join Paul Surtees at 1.00pm on the 15th October for this 1-hour webinar.

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