COVID-19: Business Support for Accountants – Grant statistics

Date Added | May 12, 2020

Business Support for accountants- Grant Statistics

By the end of 5th May 2020, Local Authorities reported that over 71,000 applications have been submitted for the Small Business Grant Scheme and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Business Grant Scheme across Scotland. Of these applications, 53,765 grants valuing £621m have been awarded.

The total number of reported applications fell between 28th April and 5th May.

The fall is due to an improvement in reporting, with double counting significantly reduced now.

As stated in previous publications, the number of applications reported represented a best estimate based on available information and Scottish Government were aware that the reported number of applications for some local authorities included duplicate, resubmitted applications.

This occurred, for instance, when initial applications missed vital information such as bank details and some local authorities, using specific billing software, needed to ask applicants to resubmit forms.

The billing software used by other local authorities allowed them to ask applicants to update information online, resulting in fewer or no duplicate applications in reported totals.

Almost all local authorities have now since removed or reduced the number of duplicate applications in reporting – presenting a more consistent measure of the number of applications received.

Whilst Local Authorities have undertaken significant efforts to improve reporting, we advise that application totals still remain a best estimate for some Local Authorities.

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