CPD for Auditors and accountants: Risk Assessment and Fraud Risk 22nd September 2020

Date Added | September 16, 2020

Clare Jones FCCA presents this 2-hour webinar covering the key audit risks, including fraud risk, in auditing financial statements. Understanding the entity and its environment will be essential in identifying potential risks and planning the audit procedures, especially in the Covid-19 environment. 

This webinar will cover the following key areas:

  • Understanding the entity and its environment to perform risk assessment procedures
  • Covid-19 risk assessment
  • Common scenarios of risky areas and the audit implications
  • Highlighting the auditor’s responsibilities in relation to fraud and going concern risks
  • Considering audit procedures in response to assessed risks
  • References to relevant ISAs, including ISA 315, ISA 330, ISA 240

This webinar is aimed at all levels of staff involved in auditing financial statements.

Link: Risk assesment and fraud risk – September 22nd 2020