Forms, Letters & Tools – 10 Most Popular Tools!


Forms Letters and Tools contains many useful models and tools to enhance productivity and service delivery for the busy accounting practitioner.

This list highlights a selected “top 10” tools.

  1. Accounts Working Papers – an Excel template with tabs and spreadsheets ready to populate for a range of commonly produced working papers on an accounts production assignment. There are also optional lead schedules that are automatically populated from the underlying working papers.
  2. Graphing Toolmany business owners prefer graphics and visuals to numbers. The graphing tool has a range of bar graphs, pie charts etc. which are automatically produced after the input of a few salient accounts figures. Ranging from five-year turnover and profit graphs to funds flow information and dashboards, output from this tool enhances your accounting reports.
  3. Interim Workings and Checklist With the increase in use of cloud accounting packages, the methods of working are completely different to the “old” once a year accounts production. These interim workings schedules are designed to record quarterly reviews of the online accounts and the documentation of the reconciliations and balances.
  4. Business Analyst – A what if? tool – use the simple “one-page analyst” to highlight the effect on profitability of increasing prices or selling at discounted prices and the sales volumes. Use the detailed workings for a more in-depth discussion and what if? scenarios.
  5. Loan calculator – enter the loan amount, rate etc and the loan interest is calculated over up to 25 years.
  6. Bookkeeping work and fees schedulea tool to record and agree exactly who does what and how often the tasks are done in any bookkeeping assignment. Stop items falling between two stools
  7. Tax Liabilities schedule – a simple but effective spreadsheet to populate with the personal tax liabilities or repayments that arise. This eliminates the need for potentially complex formatting of tables in a Word document. Incorporates a tax payslip which can be used to send remittances to HMRC.
  8. Payroll systems – a comprehensive set of spreadsheets to systemise the payroll process. A form to collect the information required to set up a payroll scheme in the first instance, a new employee form, payroll information collection, deductions authorisation sheets etc.
  9. Winning Clients – a tailorable selection of probing question s to act as prompts at meetings with prospective clients. Covering tax, accounts, and general business advice, this may well highlight issues with the existing advisors.
  10. Letters –  A range of standard letters covering the most common areas – In either letter format or for uploading to a client portal. No need to reinvent a wheel each time – just load them up and enter the figures and add any personalised text as required.

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