A great listen – International CPD Technology Update

Date Added | August 19, 2019

Gordon Gilchrist have just listened to the most informative webinar I have heard for ages – so many accountancy firms are asking;

  • What should our IT Stack look like?
  • Where do we look for guidance on IT and Tech generally?
  • Everybody seems to have an axe to grind so we struggle to find independent advice

If you are that soldier, then look no further…. Click on this link, free to Premier Plus and Platinum 2020 members



Technology moves on and we see firms changing their model to a monthly subscription basis as opposed to annual billing. Competition is fierce. Cloud accounting software will dominate our industry. These factors point to a disruptive few years ahead. Now is the time to reflect on what’s happening, set a strategy to embrace these changes and reorganise our technology for success.

Course Programme

  • Technology overview including the changes ahead;
  • Examples of firms who are embracing change and how they make it happen;
  • The latest Apps and products to input client data and export it efficiently as possible;
  • Software and the cloud review;
  • Practical advice on the latest tech available to firms

Kevin Salter is so helpful, so practical and highly knowledgeable with IT (and independent!) and we are so pleased to have him on board with 2020.