Integrated 12-month cash flow, profit and loss account and balance sheet

2020 are delighted to announce that Version 1 of our new and comprehensive Excel based cash flow, profit and loss account and balance sheet for a 12-month period is now available to Platinum members.

2020 Director Kevin Salter has written this model and says “We hope 2020 members find this tool useful for projecting results with clients. Future versions will include “What if” analysis on prices, volume and costs and projections to three years.”

All 2020 members are invited to review a trial version and Platinum members receive a 365-day license as part of their membership – this can be accessed in the Strategy section of BA Hub.   

In addition, Kevin has produced Guidance notes to using the tool, a training video and a 60-minute Webinar recording from 15th October 2019.

Download the 15th October webinar recording

Watch the Training Video

12-Month Cash Flow Trial Version (expires 30th November)Premier Plus Members

12-Month Cash Flow 365-day VersionPlatinum Members
(Accessible via the Business Advisory Hub (Strategic Planning section)

Download the Guidance Notes