International CPD for Accountants – Data protection and cyber security

Date Added | June 10, 2021

The overlap between data protection and cyber security is fairly easy to grasp. We have data, lots of it is digital – so how are we security in to prevent data breaches? Keyed on the foundations established by the National Cyber Security Centre in the Cyber Essentials scheme, this session will look at some of the technical solutions that you can/should consider to protect your data.

Key Topics

This webinar will cover both the technical and practical sides of:

  • Firewalls – what they are and what you need to do
  • Passwords – are they really as important as all that
  • Patching – annoyingly important and easy to miss
  • Malware – more than antivirus
  • Account management – when did you last check those accounts


This session is aimed at those responsible for information security within your firm. A little tech-knowhow will be helpful, but not essential.

Join Andy Larkum on 15th June 2021 from 12 noon for this one-hour webinar.

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