Latest news: Training and Resoures for Accountants

Date Added | May 11, 2020

2020 have added briefing notes covering the ‘Coronavirus Act 2020: Status Table’ and a useful article on ‘Contracts – Where You Stand with Covid-19’.

A webinar recording in association with Knights PLC lawyers on the topic of Contracts will be made available shortly.

The One Page Plan in the Business Planning section has been updated to include some FAQs.
There are some regional updates covering Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Client Resources website has now been updated to include regional updates for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Latest Resources:

1. C19 Business Update (UK)
2. Briefing Notes – Coronavirus Act 2020: Status Table
3. Briefing Notes – Contracts – Where You Stand With Covid-19
4. Business Planning: One Page Plan FAQ’s (Updated)
5. Resources for Clients – 20 May Deadline Approaching On Local Grant Schemes (Northern Ireland)
6. Resources for Clients – £26 Million To Help Small Charities (Wales)
7. Partners – ReceipBank Cashflow Survival Guide

We will continue to provide the information and tools to advise clients, so please keep reviewing the Resource Centre for new material as it is written and don’t forget to use the members only Linked in Group

Learn more about the available COVID19 tools and resources here