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MyWorkpapers announces collaboration with 2020 Innovation, enabling members to benefit from an innovative cloud platform

MyWorkpapers has announced a collaboration with 2020 Innovation to provide its members with the new MyWorkpapers Lite cloud platform and 2020 Innovation year-end accounts exempt workpapers.

The move will give 2020 Innovation members a paperless digital cloud platform for workflow, management accounts and annual accounts preparation, created by MyWorkpapers – the leading cloud workpapers platform for accountants and auditors.

The 2020 working paper content and applicable forms from the 2020 forms and letters toolkit is available in a paperless digital cloud platform.

The familiar 2020 Innovation Excel spreadsheet working papers are embedded with the MyWorkpapers template, whilst allowing for dynamic worksheets, procedures and lead schedules to be tailored by the MyWorkpapers’ unique customiser and trial balance import functionality to streamline the preparation process.

Also, the job management, including detailed workflow, visibility, review point queries and real-time status updates that MyWorkpapers adds provides a compelling solution.

Rich Neal, CEO of MyWorkpapers, said: “The collaboration with 2020 Innovation offers clients a digital cloud working environment which uses the working paper structure and files they are used today.”

“It is a transition by use of technology to give members efficiency, standardisation, workflow visibility and the key benefit of having working paper client files available in the cloud.” 

Rich added: “The two businesses have worked together with mutual clients for over five years and this was a natural progression to that existing relationship.”

Michael Roberts, CEO of 2020 Innovation, said: “Rich has a long history with Gordon Gilchrist and Ian Fletcher and we all see this as a way of magnifying the value our members obtain from our content by combining it with the benefits of the cloud, which have been thrown into sharp relief by the pandemic.”


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Enquiries should be directed to:

Michael Roberts
CEO 2020 Innovation Training Ltd
Tel: 0121 314 2020