2020 Innovation – How To Guide

Welcome to the How To Guides, created to help you navigate areas of the 2020 website, including webinar archive, Practice Management tools, your subscriptions and more! 

How to Book a Single or a Subscription Webinar(s)


How to Book Multiple Webinars for you and your team


How to access Business Advisory Manual & Hub


Business Advisory – Navigate the categories and available resources for you to download within the business advisory area, including the business advisory manual, checklists, help-sheets, PowerPoint and much more.

How To Use Your Dashboard


How to Use Your Dashboard – Check out a guided tour of your 2020 dashboard! Discover how to access your webinar archive, where to download practice development tools, and stay up to date with upcoming events!

How To Access Practice Management & Business Advisory Hubs


How to Access Business Advisory and Practice Management Hub via Dashboard – Access the Business Asdvisory and  Practice Management Hub via your 2020 Dashboard!

How to reset your password


How to Reset Your Password – Find out how to reset your 2020 dashboard password with these easy steps!

How To Download Webinars, Notes and Slides


How to Download Webinars, Notes and Slides – Discover how to download the latest webinar notes and slides through your 2020 dashboard!

2020 Innovation