Practice Management Training and Resources


Strategic Planning
Ensuring For Your Own Succession
Building And Working With A High Performance Team
Benchmarking Your KPIs
How To Structure An Accountancy Firm


MAD Guide – A Successful Partner Retreat – Strategic Planning
Key items to consider when planning a partner retreat.
MAD Guide – How To Ensure Your Own Succession
How to address succession issues that many practices face.
MAD Guide – How To Organise An All Hands Meeting
Achieve targets and goals by discussing your plans with your team and getting them on board with the plan.
MAD Guide – How To Best Structure An Accounting Practice
A guide on how to structure a practice for both cloud driven compliance work and the growth of non-compliance services.
MAD Guide – Benchmarking Your KPI’s
An overview of the most important KPI’s to consider, along with some essential benchmarking data from accountancy firms.
MAD Guide – Building and Working With A High Performance Team
A guide to assist with understanding people, what motivates and attracts them so that we can build and work with a high performance team.
5 Year Practice Development Planner
A five year profit plan for your practice. This tool is designed to help you focus on “how to get there.”
12 Month Profit Improvement Plan
Use this tool to focus on improving charge out rates and utilisation and ultimately “how we improve our bottom line?”
2020 Partner Questionnaire
Identify issues and challenges in areas such as management, financials, clients, partner issues, succession, staff issues etc.
Partnership Agreement Checklist
Essential areas to consider when drafting and agreeing your partnership agreement.
Retirement Calculator
A tool to calculate how much you need to contribute to your pension between now and your expected retirement date.
Strategic Planning Checklist
A checklist of items to consider when drafting the strategic plan for your firm.
Strategic Planning Objective Template
Use this template to produce your firms strategic plan.
Key Practice Performance Indicators
Focus on the right KPI’s and report them to the team. We have suggested 23 KPI’s to get you started!


How To Maximise Client Loyalty


MAD Guide – How to Maximise Client Loyalty
This guide focusses on the overriding approach to client satisfaction and involves all members of the firm.
Accounts Education Checklist
Educate clients on the 22 steps involved when completing and reviewing a set of accounts.
Client Survey Results
A client satisfaction survey from the top 50 clients of accounting firms over 25 years.
Fee Proposal Document
If you are quoting for a new client, the fee proposal template will help you present your proposal in a professional way.
Fee Proposal Calculation
The fee proposal calculation will calculate the fee to include in the proposal document.
Partner Meeting Aide Memoire
A checklist to facilitate a discussion around your client’s expectations, values and concerns.
Tax Return Education Checklist
Educate clients on the 28 steps involved when completing their tax return.


How To Minimise Write-Offs
How To Increase Chargeable Time
How To Create Time For Fee Earners
Accounts Working Papers


MAD Guide – How To Minimise Write-Offs
A guide to reduce write-offs, including the 5 golden rules to improve the recoverability of a practice.
MAD Guide – How To Increase Chargeable Time
Increase chargeable hours of fee earners by focussing on the key areas outlined in this guide.
MAD Guide – How To Create Time For Fee Earners
Improve the performance of your fee earners by adopting these strategies.
Accounts Working Papers
Standardise your working papers with auto-entry of key fields. Lead schedules and a summary into a trial balance also included.
Accounts Planning
An automated accounts preparation tool to be used when planning the client job.
Accounts Records Request Checklist
A checklist where you can tick the items required and amend as necessary for each client.
Accounts Preparation Steps
Identify and tailor the different steps involved in completing a set of accounts for the client.
Computerised Work Programs
Work programmes to reflect the clients accounting system, including various online accounting providers.
General Permanent File Index
A permanent file index for unincorporated businesses or personal clients.
Lead Schedules
A template of lead schedules in an Excel format.
Working Papers Index
Standardise your system so that all accounts files are in the same order by using the working papers index sheet.


New Client Setup Checklist
Bookkeeping Work And Fee Schedule
Loan Calculator
Online Accounts Interim Workings
Summary Schedule Of Personal Income Tax Due


New Client Setup Checklist
A fully interactive checklist to review all areas when taking on a new client, ensuring nothing is missed.
Staff Induction Procedures Checklist
A form to standardise procedures when taking on a new member of staff and ensuring they are made to feel welcome.
Loan Calculator
Calculate the details of any loan including the instalments, split between interest and capital.
Online Accounts Interim Workings
A review sheet for clients that systemises the process and provides a framework for end of year workings.
Bookkeeping Work and Fees Schedule
A template setting out the necessary bookkeeping steps and responsibilities, also includes a fee agreement.
Summary Schedule Of Personal Income Tax Due
A tool to illustrate the future tax liabilities arising for self employed or those paying tax in January and July instalments.
Agenda Creator
Allows you to quickly and easily produce an agenda for client meetings.
Debt Collection Letters
A series of template letters or emails that you can send to clients to improve your debtor days.
Electronic Staff Holiday Planner 2019
A template to record holiday times for your team.
Electronic Staff Holiday Planner 2020
A template to record holiday times for your team.
Fixed Price Agreement
A template letter to agree the services and a fixed payment plan for clients.
Monthly Billing Letters
Improve your cash flow by moving clients to monthly billing. Two template letters are included.
Partners Monthly Meeting Agenda
A template document covering the 9 key points to consider at your monthly partners meeting.
Staff Performance Standards
Use this spreadsheet to agree chargeable hour targets with your fee earners.
Invisibles Price List
A list of incidental services that clients request such as mortgage letters, simple tax advice etc. Ensure you charge for them!


How To Market Your Practice
How To Generate Client Referrals
How To Market Corporate Finance Activities For The Smaller Firm
How To Market Cloud Accounting Services
How To Cross Sell Additional Services
How To Sell Accountancy Services
How To Be Successful With Wealth Management Referrals

Professional Development Programme

What Makes A Great Firm Tick
Client Development To Improve Firm Profits
Understanding Great Performance And Key Performance Target Setting
Converting Leads Into Clients – Personal Selling Skills
Building A High Performance Team
Taking Clients From ‘Compliance’ To ‘Added Value’ Services
Successful Pricing Skills For Non Compliance
Action Planning For Personal Development


MAD Guide – How To Market Cloud Accounting Services
A guide showing you how to move existing clients to the cloud and how to attract potential clients to your firm.
MAD Guide – How To Market Your Practice
Use this guide to develop a clear marketing plan to support your firm’s strategy.
MAD Guide – How To Generate Client Referrals
The easiest way to grow a practice is by referrals! Use these proven techniques for generating referrals.
MAD Guide – How To Market Corporate Finance Activities For The Smaller Firm
A guide to help you position your firm as experts in business finance.
MAD Guide – How To Cross Sell Additional Services
Understand the tactics and methodologies accounting firms are adopting to cross sell additional services to clients.
MAD Guide – How To Sell Accountancy Services
A useful guide which focusses on selling accountancy services that clients want.
MAD Guide – How To Be Successful With Wealth Management Referrals
The most successful accountants are very good at referring clients to their Financial Planner. This guide shows you how.
MAD Guide – How To Generate Payroll Clients
Take advantage of changes in legislation to encourage clients and potential clients to use your expertise, rather than struggle through themselves.
MAD Guide – How To Value Price
A useful guide that includes methodologies and ways of addressing value pricing.
MAD Guide – Pre Year End Tax Planning
A pre-year end tax planning system is essential to explore all tax options with clients.
Professional Development Programme
A set of notes to accompany the series of 8 training videos above.
57 Ways To Grow Your Business
A guide to help existing business owners maintain profitability and strengthen their position in the market.
Business Advisory Reception Slideshow
Informs visitors of information about your firm, why you are different and showcases the variety of services you offer.
Marketing Planner Clients
Use the marketing planner to detail your action plan for clients over the next 12 months.
The New Business Kit 2018-19
A comprehensive guide to the financial, tax and accounting considerations of starting a business, ideal for prospects!
Winning Clients
A system to produce an agenda for potential new client meetings and any necessary ‘follow up.’
Marketing Planner Prospects
Use the marketing planner to detail your action plan for prospects over the next 12 months.
Responsibilities of The Marketing Coordinator
A checklist of items that your marketing coordinator should be responsible for.

Practice Management Hub

Technology is having a massive impact on how we run our practices.

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are a reality. The rise of cloud accounting alters the way we deal with clients. New entrants to our industry are driving the price of compliance services down.

In this disruptive era, it is essential firms have a strategy for success, they are efficient in their production of accounts and tax returns and their administration is streamlined.

The Practice Management Hub (PM Hub) contains proven and practical guidance, training and the resources to help you become focussed and more profitable than your competitors.

There are over 85 checklists, guides, webinars, videos and forms to enable you to succeed.

Forms, Letters and Tools is included with Platinum Membership. This comprehensive collection of over 425 useful forms, letters and tools is an essential product for every accountancy firm.
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Additional Resources

Admin and Quality Control
QT is an online collection of interactive surveys, forms, checklists and questionnaires designed to gather information from your clients quickly and easily.

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