Excel I – 1 Excel Essentials


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Excel I – 1 Excel Essentials





Product Description

Every staff member in an accounting practice will be called upon to work on a spreadsheet at some stage.  Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful applications available, and also probably one of the most underutilised.

Presented by Shane Webb who heads up 2020 South Africa and is passionate about teaching Excel and has been doing so for many years, this course will equip you with the Excel skills and knowledge needed in every professional firm.

Excel Essentials

1.1 Excel Worksheet / Workbook

  •  Inserting a Worksheet
  •  Renaming a Worksheet
  •  Deleting a Worksheet
  •  Moving or Copying a Worksheet
  •  Moving between Worksheets

1.2 Active Cell, Name Box, Formula Bar

1.3 Inserting Rows / Columns

  •  Shift Cells down / across
  •  Inserting a Picture / Logo

1.4 Entering Data

  • Fill Series (Numbers, months, days)

1.5 Editing Contents of a Cell

1.6 Select All Button

1.7 Grouping Worksheets

1.8 Common Keyboard Shortcuts


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