Building and Working with a High Performance Team

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Building and Working with a High Performance Team





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Product Description

It has been argued that the single most important asset of an accountancy firm is the people that work there; from partner all the way to the most junior member.   The reason being that with a well motivated and capable team, the clients will be attracted to the firm, whereas a demotivated and incapable team will drive clients away.

The point that clients come first is valuable of course and we can all appreciate the conundrum of “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” but either way, team members, if not the most important asset of the firm are certainly close to it.

This paper is aimed at understanding people, what motivates and attracts them so that we can build and work with a high performance team.


  • Motivating Factors
  • Rewarding our Team
  • Not Enough Hours


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