Capital Allowances Transactions and Planning 2016/17

Focusing primarily on the corporate property transactions tax practitioners deal with on a regular basis, Capital Allowances: Transactions and Planning 2016/17 demonstrates how the taxpayer can save money by maximising capital allowances and related tax reliefs.

It explains the practical and technical aspects of capital allowances and the related tax reliefs on property. These include reliefs for land remediation, business premises renovation and R&D tax credits.


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Product Description

This well established and popular title offers a unique transaction-based structure and many special features making it an extremely practical and essential source of reference.


  1. Practicalities of a claim;
  2. Construction of new buildings;
  3. Purchase of a new building;
  4. Purchase of a second-hand building;
  5. Offices – special features;
  6. Retail property – special features;
  7. Industrial property – special features;
  8. Hotels – special features;
  9. Enterprise zones;
  10. Agricultural property – special features;
  11. Property investors – specific issues;
  12. Sale of a property;
  13. Acquisition of a business;
  14. Plant: system of allowances;
  15. Plant: the meaning of the term;
  16. Plant: treatment of common items in buildings;
  17. Vehicle fleet;
  18. Leasing and hire-purchase;
  19. Research and development, patents and know-how;
  20. Transactions within groups and between connected;
  21. Claiming and disclaiming allowances;
  22. Interaction with other taxes;
  23. International matters;
  24. Contaminated land;
  25. Goodwill and other intangible fixed assets.


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