Capium Webinar – The Connected Accountant

17th October 2018 – Access Recording

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Product Description

The Connected Accountant and the Importance of Whole Product Thinking

The digital clock is ticking – and its dial is set to MTD.  But in an era when rising numbers of tech bolt-ons and services can make for a patchwork quilt solution, we ask whether the current software solutions really meet and address the needs of the whole problem.

Join Tushir Patel, CEO Capium, where he will be talking about The Connected Accountant – how important it is for a practicing Accountant collaborates with their clients to provide the right information at the right time, on a consistent basis.

Given the changing nature of the Accountant’s role and growing demand for value-add in a digital age, “best practice” comes from:

  • Understanding the cost of the whole problem
  • Embracing technology and creating a collaborative environment with the client
  • Having clear and effective software in place at the right time.