CPD – Practical Advice on Tax Enquiries + Investigations

12th June 2018 – Access Recording

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Product Description

With the number of tax compliance checks almost doubling to 237,000 in 2013/14 it has never been more important to keep up to date with what is actually happening with HMRC checks.  It is simply vital that practitioners recognise the type of enquiry and are familiar with each type and know HMRC’s rights as well as those of the client.

This webinar will provide a practical insight into the very latest practices as HMRC as well as some insights into various HMRC initiatives.

Kevin will also discuss some of the compliance initiatives and issues that are arising at the moment.   Due to the number of claims currently arising, 2020 Tax Protection is in an almost unique position of being able to provide the most up to date information.   This will be a comprehensive and thorough webinar which will provide invaluable advice on dealing with HMRC providing outstanding knowledge for those not used to dealing with HMRC on a regular basis and a very useful reminder for those who do.  Kevin is an experienced speaker recognised as an expert in his field.

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