Effective Pricing for Accountants

mark wisherksham book image2The easiest way to make more money is simple… get the price right. It’s also the fastest way of transforming your profits. If you put your prices up by 10% the impact is immediate. Firms are getting some incredible results from changing the way they price. In this book, Mark Wickersham will share with you Phil’s story of how he increased his fees from £250,000 to £400,000 in less than a year just by changing one thing.

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Effective Pricing for Accountants





Product Description

The big problems which are holding many accountants back include:

  • A common misconception that clients are price sensitive
  • A lack of confidence in pricing, and
  • A lack of knowledge and systems of how to price in the most profitable way.

None of these problems will be an obstacle to you once you’ve read this book. Mark will explain the difference between price sensitivity and value sensitivity. We will share with you the 1% effect. And he’ll share with you a 7-step formula you can apply to every pricing engagement.

Accountants like Phil didn’t let these obstacles get in his way and he’s now getting incredible results. As you’ll see when you read this book, the evidence is clear: The market does not set prices; firms do. In other words, prices are a choice made by practitioners. Some firms are much better at making pricing choices than others. The way firms make those pricing choices has a fundamental impact on their profitability and success. By studying how the most successful firms price other practices can transform their results. Time and time again we see firms that fully understand value pricing (and that doesn’t mean simply giving a fixed price in advance of doing the work) get superior results.

There are many great books on pricing theory. This book is focuses on making everything relevant to accountants and as practical as possible. Mark wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to take the ideas and do something with them.

What the world’s leading experts say about this book:

Mark Wickersham has written an important book for the growing number of accountants who choose to compete on value rather than price. This work is another eternal nail in the coffin of both the billable hour and the time-sheet. Read the book, implement the strategies, and join the Value Revolution taking place in the professions around the world.

Ronald J. Baker Author of Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms

This is a truly awesome book. Here’s why: In 1994 I remember speaking in America saying “The way accountants charge by time is the stupidest thing I’ve ever come across”. Sitting in the audience was Ron Baker, the man many people came to regard as the guru of Value Pricing. We wrote the best selling Firm of the Future together and I told Ron his latest book should have been called, The End of Time . Mark Wickersham has done an amazing job of making that a reality here. This book is brilliantly researched, wonderfully written and it speaks precisely the right language . The almost overwhelming number of examples are stunning and powerful. It would, I suspect, be impossible to read this book and not see your revenues, profits, self-esteem and reputation grow dramatically. This is one of the most valuable contributions to the Profession I’ve ever come across.
Paul Dunn, Author of The Firm of the Future

Stunning…Mark is without doubt the UK s leading thinker when it comes to helping accountants transform their results from pricing in a different way. Everything he covers is proven, based on what he has seen work in the profession, and practical Steve Pipe, FCA


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