How to Best Structure an Accountancy Firm

Part of the M.A.D. Practice Guides Series

MAD stands for Management, Advisory and Development.

The writers at 2020 have over 50 years combined consulting experience to accountants and tax advisors and are authors of books, articles, manuals and publications world- wide. They work with some of the most exciting and innovative firms in our Industry.

2020 have produced a series of simple and easy to follow practical guides to help you improve and grow your business. These guides contain example scripts, (e) letters, planners and other useful material to help you make changes and help you succeed.

If you are looking to grow and develop a profitable accounting practice then you will find these guides an essential resource and reference.


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How to Best Structure an Accountancy Firm





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Product Description

The easiest way to predict the future is to create it.

The world of accountancy is changing rapidly.  We are seeing digital tax filing on the horizon, the rise of cloud accounting, an amazing new array of apps for business owners, a lack of talent entering the profession and competition from above and below to the traditional mid-tier accounting practice.

The most successful accounting firms we meet outline their strategy, set plans to achieve it, are flexible and ask the most important management question, “What have we done this month towards achieving our strategic plan?”


  • Preparation for a Strategy Session
  • The Strategic Planning Day – Overview
  • Personal Objective
  • The Vision of the Business
  • Key Challenges
  • and many more!


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