How to increase chargeable time

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How to increase chargeable time





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Product Description

Rumour has it that the “black hole” of the profession has been around for as long as anyone can remember.  Non chargeable time is often as high as 40% of total chargeable time and whatever charge-out rate your firm is running at, that is an awful lot of money!

The Harvard Business School was apparently asked to review non chargeable time and offer some recommendations as to how to reduce the black hole.  It would seem the report concluded that there was no “rhyme or reason” to non chargeable time and fee earners had numerous methodologies to find non chargeable time on their timesheet.  The best analysis from Harvard was that the whole concept was at best, disparate.


  • Setting the Standards
  • Training your Team
  • Non-Chargeable Codes
  • Incentivising Fee Earners
  • Appraising staff
  • and many more!


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