How to Value Price Accountancy Services

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How to Value Price Accountancy Services





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Product Description

The timesheet is no longer the ONLY way to determine the price of accountancy services. There is no doubt, however, that timesheets can be very helpful when a cost sensitive service needs to be priced and the use of a cost plus system such as a timesheet is perfectly acceptable. That said, for benefit driven services such as tax planning, corporate finance, business advisory, wealth management, legacy planning, retirement planning, exit routes, etc., the expertise and specialisation required, contradicts the idea of a cost plus system but more as a benefit driven value pricing model.

Value pricing is the concept of agreeing a price which is determined by the value to the customer. There are many ways to determine value other than the timesheet, including:


  • Cost of replacement (bookkeeping and various levels of the Virtual Financial Officer)
  • Amounts of money involved
  • Amounts of emotion involved, both fear and greed
  • The risks involved
  • Competition
  • The level of indispensability (e.g. tax investigation)


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