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Example Audit File International





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Product Description

Are you struggling to understand the International Standards of Auditing?

Are you unsure how to document your audit work?

Do you worry that your audit files don’t comply with the International Standards of Auditing and may cause you problems at the next monitoring visit from your regulatory body?

The aim of the product is to illustrate how the working papers for the audit of a small limited company could be set out. It is designed to provide a practical example and guidance of what an audit file which is compliant with the International Standards of Auditing should look like for a company with a turnover in the region of €2 million.

This product is not meant to be a model file which is theoretically perfect.

The product includes illustrated working papers for the permanent file, the planning of the job, the work performed on the balance sheet and profit and loss account and the completion of the job.

Download a pdf file of an extensive extract from the product

On purchase you will receive a dropbox link containing all of the files.


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