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Product Description

Subscribers to small charity can access our online charity reporting manual containing explanatory notes and model working papers covering charity accounts preparation, independent examiners reports, and small charity audits, charity accounts checklists and specimen accounts.

Subscribers also receive a twice yearly bulletin incorporating update pages, and written permission to copy working papers, checklists and specimen accounts for their own use.

The updates and bulletin are generally published at the end of April and October each year and are sent to subscribers by the end of the following month. However, publication dates may be varied to reflect recent or pending developments and where appropriate the period covered by the subscription is extended.

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  • explanatory notes
  • general working papers
  • accounts preparation working papers
  • independent examination working papers
  • charity audit working papers
  • charity accounts checklist
  • company charity accounts checklist
  • specimen accounts
  • supplementary material
  • half – yearly bulletin


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