Quickbooks, the world’s No. 1 accounting software and the UK’s No. 1 partner to accountants!

QuickBooks is the world’s No. 1 accounting software and the UK’s No. 1 partner to accountants.

QuickBooks saves time offering real time collaboration with your clients, including visibility of all clients in one location. Support is local and free with a UK implementation team that ensures hassle free data migration. QuickBooks ‘Find an Accountant’ listing can grow your practice by connecting hundreds of small businesses to our Accountants each week.

Our team is excited to partner with 2020 Innovation and will be available in person at upcoming 2020 Roadshows and Regional Meetings. Contact us if you’d like to speak with a member today.

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Meet the  Quickbooks team

Tony Chick

Ashley Leeds

Carl Thompson

Dan Henniker

Daniel Sullivan

Steve Reynard

Mark McNee

Philippa Hume

Megha Srivastava

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Just a note to thank you for facilitating the Focus Group meeting yesterday – I found the day extremely interesting and most definitely worthwhile – a lot of very useful feedback and suggestions. Likewise, the Social Media Workshop in Birmingham, last week – I can safely say that these have been two of the most thought provoking sessions I have been to for some time!

Graham Smith, Cunningtons

We have used this product for years, saving innumerable hours as a result. Virtually every document we could ever need seems to be included and yet each new version has more useful additions. Such a modest investment cannot fail to represent value for money.

Graham Smith, Cunningtons

Incredibly user friendly, de-mystifying areas such as MOSS that scared me

Vanessa Carroll, Agutter Associates Chartered Accountants ,  Agutter Associates Chartered Accountnats

An excellent conference which focused in a very practical and positive way, the current challenges facing the profession.

Paul Jackson, P Jackson Ltd. ,  P Jackson Ltd.

A good overview for accountancy practices who want to embrace cloud based systems.

Leonard Booth, Pelham ,  Pelham

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