R&D tax credits for technology companies

This sector includes many technical and software developers. There is often a strong case for an R&D credit for software development. Even when a company has developed software before, they can demonstrate innovation in bringing that technology to address different challenges with different clients. Projects may require bespoke methodology and unique architecture solutions which could be eligible as R&D expenditure.



Average claim value

Source: HMRC R&D tax credits statistics 2020

"Inspirational, informative speakers who bring humour into applying a marketing strategy for accountants. A well run team provided a very swish seminar, thank you."

Mandy Daniel, 2020 CA Ltd ,  2020 CA Ltd

Very good day today. Learnt some things and started my Action Plan to take back with me to work.

Sarah Jamieson, Woods Squared Limited

Incredibly user friendly, de-mystifying areas such as MOSS that scared me

Vanessa Carroll, Agutter Associates Chartered Accountants ,  Agutter Associates Chartered Accountnats

The first time I heard Ian and Gordon speak they inspired me to ‘go it alone’ and start my own practice. Five years on from that I find the 2020 tools, referral partners and presentations an invaluable part of my practice. Each time I attend an event hosted by 2020 I always leave with lots of ideas and with my motivation reinvigorated.

Tim Pearce, Focus Accountancy

Great to have a day out of the office to come up with an action plan.

Jill Hindmarsh, Allen Sykes Ltd ,  Allen Sykes Ltd

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