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We like to practice what we preach! As you know one of the best ways to grow any business is to ask for referrals. So if you know of another practicing accountant, tax professional or bookkeeper that would benefit from 2020 membership, then refer them to us and get rewarded!

For every firm you refer that joins 2020, we will give you a Love2shop voucher code worth £150 that you can redeem online in over 20,000 stores. In addition, the accountant you refer will also receive a £50 voucher. 


How it Works


Fill in the form below to refer a practicing accountant, tax professional or bookkeeper that will benefit from 2020 membership.


We will contact the person you refer and offer them a demo. Please let them know we will be contacting them shortly.


If they become a member, you will receive a voucher code worth £150* that you can use online. We will also send the accountant you refer a voucher code worth £50.


Vouchers will be sent within 30 days of the firm you refer becoming a member.

*Payment of the £150 voucher will be made if the firm you refer joins within 6 months of the referral date. This offer excludes existing 2020 members. In the event you refer a firm that is already a 2020 member we will notify you.
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Ian is a very engaging presenter and his personal touch of humour helps the course seem interesting – even if it is tax! The handouts and ideas mentioned will most definitely be used and referred to in the coming months

Geoffrey K Donkor, GKD Accountancy ,  GKD Accountancy

I find Tax Tips and Tools incredibly helpful in my general practice for tackling so many of the every-day computational issues that clients throw at us – superb value for money.

John Cleden, JCS Associates

2020 conferences always provide a great insight into what’s happening now in the profession and provide the ideas for our practice for the future to help ensure that we are at the top of our game.

Sharon Collins, Condie and Co

As far as we were concerned, purchasing Form Letters and Tools was a no brainer. This is such a useful resource that we would not be without it now and it means that whichever member of the team uses it, we are always consistent.

Heather O’Reilly, Jupp Castle

The marketing material and support provided by 2020 Tax Protection has been fantastic. The innovative literature and bespoke material have helped generate greater take up rates and we will continue to work with PFP/2020 to grow our scheme.

Bernard Pooley, Kelsall Steele

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