Restructuring Webinars

During these four webinars, Gordon Gilchrist and Brian Burke, expert from 2020 Restructuring, will address what your clients should be doing now if they feel their options are becoming limited.

Tax Avoidance – HMRC are closing in
Settlements Options (1/4)

Tax Avoidance – HMRC are closing in
Directors considerations (2/4)

Tax Avoidance – HMRC are closing in
HMRC Stance and approach (3/4)

Tax Avoidance – HMRC are closing in
The Loan charge (4/4)

2020 Restructuring is a partnership between 2020 Innovation and Quantuma LLP to provide advice and expertise to you and your clients. Quantuma understand how businesses work and the key ingredients to success.


They are experts at quickly understanding your clients’ risks and delivering a tailored solution to deal with their financial situation. They understand that when they provide advice to your clients, it is a reflection on your judgement in suggesting they can assist. They like to work with you and your clients to ensure that the advice they provide reflects positively on your expertise as a professional advisor to the client.

With a wide range of options available to you and your clients, seeking the right advice early increases the chances of a favourable outcome.

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