Offshoring / Outsourcing

Some of the most successful and profitable accounting practices are using outsourcing and offshoring services to significantly grow their practice, allowing their in house team to focus on business advisory and other added value services.

Why Outsource / Offshore?

  • High Wage Costs – As the owner of a business, you already know that salary levels are increasing and your margins are getting tighter, and it’s getting worse.
  • Shortage of Staff – For a number of years now, it’s been tough to attract quality staff to work for your business. Even more so in regional areas. The practices that set up an offshore team have no issues with staffing. They have many enthusiastic people wanting to work for them.
  • Price Pressure on Services – Some services are being commoditised. With the onset of cloud applications, there has been significant pressure on pricing. Your competition is no longer the business up the road – your competition is now coming from all corners of the globe.
  • Being Left Behind – There are many businesses using offshoring now to set up their teams of support staff. Other businesses can, and will do the same work for half the price you charge now.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is a great way of lowering operational and labour costs.  You can use it on an ‘ad hoc’ basis when your current team is stretched or regularly throughout the year.

Why Offshore?

Offshoring is having your own fully dedicated team members, employed by your firm working remotely from another country.

There is a rapid move towards the offshoring of staff support services. With highly skilled workforce in other countries, the boom in cloud technology and high wage costs in the Europe and North American countries, an offshore team makes economic sense for many practices.

Which Supplier?

There are a number of proven suppliers in the UK, India and the Philippines who are currently providing a range of services to accountancy practices including bookkeeping, accounts preparation, VAT, accountancy and tax compliance work.

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