Tax Tips & Tools 2021/22 – Tools List

Tax Tips & Tools 2021/22 contains a total of 123 highly practical and easy to use tax calculators, spreadsheets, checklists and other tax tools.  It allows you to advise clients in a matter of minutes and has been designed for accountants and tax practitioners, particularly those who serve small and medium size businesses.  To allow for quick and easy access, Tax, Tips & Tools is delivered as a downloadable file upon successful completion of your purchase.

There are 75 updated tools – a complete list of contents can be found below.

If you are committed to providing your clients with valuable tax advice which they will happily pay for, you absolutely need the latest edition of Tax Tips & Tools!

Tax Tips & Tools 2021/22 is split into the following sections
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What’s New for 2021/22?

  • Beneficial Loan Calculator – Averaging Method
  • Directors Loan Accounts Flowcharts – To help identify when a s455 liability might arise and when P11d’s may be needed.  Also additional notes for the client if required.
  • Employer’s Allowance Eligibility Calculator / R&D PAYE Tax Cap – To confirm eligibility to claim Ers allowance based on Class 1 contributions in the previous tax year and a PAYE summary to calculate the potential R&D Tax Credits Cap based on PAYE from 6 April 2021
  • VAT Turnover Reconciliation – A template to standardise the reconciliation of the BOX 6 figures on the VAT return to the turnover as shown in the accounts.
  • Property Benefit in Kind Calculator – To calculate BIK on property provided by a company to employees.


The 2021/22 edition includes 75 updated tools.  Some of the tax tools (indicated by (S) below) now support the Scottish Income Tax band for 2021/22.

Other models have been updated as necessary to reflect changes in legislation and rates of tax, tax bands etc. Others have had enhanced reporting or additional functionality added.

To allow for quick and easy access, Tax Tips & Tools is now delivered as a downloadable file upon successful completion of your purchase.

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