Date Added | July 22, 2020

Gordon Gilchrist chaired the 3rd of 6 virtual meetings hosted by Receipt Bank on Tuesday – there are 3 dates yet to come – if you are interested click here 

Gordon lead a lively discussion with both accountants in practice and some key players from Receipt Bank and Xavier (their new  exciting acquisition), all part of 2020’s commitment to provide training and support for accountancy firms.

The debate was focusing on knowing more about the future, people’s own accounting firms, team members and colleagues, clients’ businesses and their team members, and what might this mean for the accounting profession.

  • Is it looking good for the profession?
  • What can we expect to change, permanently!
  • When emerging from lock down, will we go back into lock down again, and if so, how often ?
  • When will we emerge and surge forward to a new equilibrium?

One certainty is that the market is very dynamic and we need to be far more responsive to change than ever before.  Clients need their accountant to be there for them asap, team members need clear leadership and to feel valued, and finally, what should the new client proposition look like and… with what technology?

Additionally, with the recent acquisition by Receipt Bank of Xavier in mind, attendees have the chance to see what this software can bring to accounting firms – many 2020 members have been raving about this.  

Future dates are 22nd, 23rd and 29th July. For further information, to view the agenda or to register for a virtual event please click here