Future Leaders Programme

The number one strategic concern within the profession is finding and keeping good accountants and tax professionals. Demand for accountancy services is outstripping supply and it’s going to get worse! There’s a talent war crescendo looming and we need to do whatever we can, within reason, to keep our most talented individuals. The cost of replacing a good member of the team is estimated to be around £39,000 by the time you train them – really, it is!

Why not ask your talented team members if they would like to attend the 2020 Future Leaders Programme (FLP) which is specifically designed to help them shine. It’s a 2 day course including a working dinner where we address the softer issues of partnership/shareholder agreements, profit sharing arrangements, and goodwill, and how these things can change over time.

The 2 day workshop itself, is very practical and fairly comprehensive, designed to:

  • Give them a better understanding of where the profession is going strategically and what that means for them
  • Consistently increase their portfolio both in terms of revenue and profitability (practice management, selling, cross selling and marketing)
  • Improve their leadership skills and working with others
  • Become far more commercially aware
  • Build their self-confidence
  • Address the day-to-day activities in the working environment
  • Ensure participants are willing to share their experience so that we all achieve a deeper understanding and…..
  • It demonstrates your commitment to their future

Attendees of the workshop are entitled to complimentary access to the Future Leaders Programme, providing an additional reminder as to the key issues addressed during the workshop itself.

The workshop takes place on 8th & 9th June 2016.  The following date represents Day One of the workshop:

There are no events scheduled at the moment.

With a maximum of 12 delegates allowed on the workshop the cost is:

  • £750 plus VAT if booked before 30th May.
  • £900 plus VAT if booked after 30th May.

PDW Webinar Offers
Attendees of 2015 PD Workshops are entitled to complimentary access to the Future Leaders Programme.

Attendees of past PD Workshops are entitled to discounted rates on the Future Leaders Programme – contact us for further details.  A comprehensive workbook is provided to Future Leaders Programme participants.