C19 – The New Norm? Keeping “virtually” intimate with your clients

Date: 5th May 2020 - Access Recording

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Background 8 weeks into C19, we have mobilised our troops to their homes, some on a massive learning curve as to how that all works! We are settling into a lockdown scenario with prospects of “emergence” on the horizon, it’s all very dynamic and changing circumstances demand changing ways of doing business – NOT least, the ways we deal with clients…. Client communication – so much choice. What are your options ? Timeliness is everything… How are firms best communicating with their clients?

Different clients need different approaches

“Do’s and don’ts” of

video conferencing and

running a webinar

Client service – what does your client proposition look like today and what about tomorrow? Being pro-active – play your strongest card…. What are clients looking for from their accountant RIGHT NOW ?

Tomorrow is another day, but what will that look like and what will clients be looking from their accountant?

Different clients will have different priorities – how are smart firms anticipating their next steps

Understanding The key challenges for businesses in the new Digital Age

  Getting your pricing right

Being sensitive to your clients circumstances will dictate your approach

Practical examples of agreeing fees in this new changing world

Virtual Networking – sounds like an oxymoron!

Great ideas to engage with your clients socially


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