Practice Management - Maximising Profits

Date: 13th December 2019 - Access Recording

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Objectives No firm we know at 2020 wants to maximise profit “at any cost” – but we do see firms that are hugely profitably with average profits per partner in excess of £500,000.  Some of these are sole practitioners, in fact, most are sole practitioners. In this webinar Gordon will address the tried and tested (and often badly implemented) techniques that are guaranteed to increase profits. It’s all about looking at the top line, rather than shaving the odd cost here and there;
  1. Maximising chargeable hours
  2. How to best determine charge out rates
  3. What are the best way to maximise recoveries?
  4. Where does value pricing best fit in?
  5. Minimising WIP and Drs
  6. Holding people accountable
  7. Ensuring the team understand what the important goals of the business are
  8. Do they know exactly what is required of them?
  9. How do people know how we are doing?


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