Offshore or Die! - February 2019

Date: 27th February 2019 - Access Recording

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In this one hour webinar Gordon Gilchrist is joined by Mark Cottle, a Chartered Accountant and co-founder of Frontline Accounting which is based in the Philippines. The offshore model Frontline built for their own firm has now been successfully taught and duplicated in dozens of other firms around Australia, the UK and the US. Mark is an expert at managing an offshore team and has shared all his knowledge in his book, Offshore or Die! Frontline has hundreds of staff working for firms all over the world and has been named in Australia's fastest growing startup company list two years in a row. Mark will cover a range of topics concerning the offshoring of accounting and admin staff.  He will teach seminar attendees how to solve their staffing and cost issues by placing a team in the Philippines. I hope you will take some time out of your schedule to participate in this webinar and look forward to you joining me. Mark's talk will cover the following topics:
  • ­ Frontline's story and why it's relevant for you
  • ­ Offshoring vs outsourcing – the definitions
  • ­ Offshoring vs outsourcing – the pros and cons
  • ­ Why the Philippines?
  • ­ Various offshoring models
  • ­ What tasks can be done in the Philippines
  • ­ The education level of the staff
  • ­ What's their English like?
  • ­ How you get the work to them
  • ­ How you train the team
  • ­ What will your clients and existing team think if you have Filipino team members?
  • ­ How to mess it up (and how not to)


This webinar is free of charge.