Working Virtually – Digital CPD

Date Added | May 13, 2020

Covid-19 has focused all our minds across business and personal lifestyle. We are told every cloud has a silver lining and this may be true as we adjust and adapt our lives to accommodate the environment brought on by Covid-19.

The other major considerations in our deliberations as to how we move forward is the acceptance that the environment is very dynamic and what was accepted 4 weeks ago is now not and new ideas and new data is being brought to market on an hourly basis.

Further to that are releasing documents at an alarming rate to inform and help the UK economy and lifestyles.

Undoubtedly, one initiative that is gaining increasing traction is the realisation that half day seminars and full day conferences are effectively on hold until we have confidence that we can sit next to people whilst learning.

As a result digital CPD has become flavour of the month for accounting firms (and probably other professionals requiring CPD updates). Increasingly 2020’s virtual support and training methodologies are attracting increasing attention from the accounting profession and new methodologies of digital training are being explored with such items as the release of videos, YouTube channels, flash webinars on the dynamic and changing market brought by C19 and of course the phone and video conferencing.

Tomorrow, the new era of working virtually will be almost unrecognisable as we all learn the new tricks of selling virtually, workflow, engaging and on-boarding, client care, and developing new services for this ever changing market.